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Programs for all ages
and skill levels


Dragons (Ages 6 - 8)

Our Dragons Program is designed specifically with our youngest students’ learning styles and attention spans in mind. We help them begin to develop coordination and basic taekwondo skills in a fun, safe environment. We also teach courtesy, respect, and discipline using age-appropriate methods.

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Juniors / Teens (Ages 8-14)

Our Juniors Program teaches more than just punching and kicking! We teach students to deal effectively and appropriately with bullies, to set and achieve goals, and to believe in their own ability and potential! Taekwondo class gives kids a supportive social network of other students who are focused on personal improvement and high achievement.

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Adults (Ages 15+)

Come see why more and more people are taking Martial Arts classes than ever. More benefits than just getting on a treadmill, more fun than just lifting rep after rep. Our Programs offer a complete body workout to enhance your fitness level. Plus, you're getting self-defense techniques at the same time.

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